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Bert Evers is no stranger when it comes to making a difference in people’s lives, not only locally, but internationally.

It is thus with great pleasure and excitement that Gateway Health Institute announces that this international businessman and philanthropist has joined our team as a special advisor to the GHI board of directors.

Evers is an expert in logistics, an experienced mentor, and has been dealing with sports development since the 70’s. He will be working on some of the projects that Gateway Health Institute has already kick started. 

Evers is particularly excited to work on our “Youth Empowerment Program through Action Sports” - a program that empowers teenagers and adolescents through action sports and life skills training. 

He is especially interested in this project because of his history as a volunteer for the Special Olympics in the Netherlands and Switzerland. He was also the delegation liaison during the World Games held in Los Angeles in July / August 2015.

Evers is mainly involved in projects in Africa that include: Mentoring for the Tony Elumelu Foundation, actively supporting projects of Don Bosco in South Africa (specifically in Cape Town) and the “Salesians Life Choices” project. Through his mentoring activities, he’s also working towards participating in an E-School program in Lesotho.

Evers has been actively involved in sports, with a focus on soccer. He’s been volunteering for the Soccer World Cup 2006 in Dortmund, Germany, for the European Championships in Bern in Switzerland in 2008, for the World Cup 2010 in Bloemfontein in South Africa and for the Confederations Cup 2013 in Recife, Brazil.

In Bloemfontein he was appointed as a “Spectators-volunteer” and did some additional work with regard to “Language support, media relations and guest relations”.

Evers will not only bring all his expertise to the table, but will actively help GHI achieving its goal to change the health landscape globally.

“I fully support your projects, the goals and basic elements mentioned in the implementation plan. Your activities are quite equal to what the Salesians are doing, and I am more than convinced that you will change the lives of many with this project. One more reason to “love” this project, is the fact that it kicks off in Limpopo, my “home land” when I visit South Africa.”

Evers has also shown great interest in getting involved with GHI’s Amoxicillan research project. As for the Amoxicillin research and development of a new delivery formulation, GHI is the winner of the Grand Challenges Explorations round 14 - an initiative funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. For this dr. Coen Louw, GHI’s medical director, was also invited to join the UN MDG Health Envoy's Pneumonia Innovations Team and recently won a People's Choice Award for the “Most Promising Innovation To Prevent Pneumonia” at the Pneumonia Innovations Summit in New York.

 According to Louw, Evers’ appointment marks a new era for the institute. “We are truly excited to welcome Bert on board and I believe his input on our different projects could mean just that little bit of extra change in the world.”

Evers strongly believes in the principals of Ubuntu (I am because we are). “I look at life through the wind-shield, not the rear-view mirror. And I believe in being active, full of love and respect for my fellow humans and I strive to accept anybody else and be supportive of their dreams and goals in life.”

International references for Mr. Evers

I could engage Bert Evers as my deputy at Emmi AG Logistics, and learned to appreciate him during nearly eight years. I was particularly impressed how quickly he was able to analyze challenges in the organization sensitively and especially how he can analyze people. The very profound prepared and implemented measures were showing results quickly and effectively. With awareness of his duty he has received my trust in no time. Bert will be successful as an independent contractor. All the best and the best success.

Alfons Knüsel, Former manager and CEO of Emmi AG Logistics

My memories of working with Bert Evers in various projects are: High empathy, keen perception, lateral thinking, social skills and rapid focused implementation. This mix of properties is a guarantee of success for each potential customer.

Gianni Küng, pens. Director of Sales & Marketing, Sekisui Alveo

Bert Evers is a goal-oriented maker and a competent leader for the solution of complex tasks and the implementation of projects. He is successful thanks to his outspoken organizational skills, his tenacity, his ability to lead people of various stripes and his ability to motivate people.

Jean-Pierre Sormani, ex-CEO Sekisui Alveo

During my many years of cooperation - both professionally and sporty - I've seen Bert Evers to be very proactive, with the right feel for the tasks and their schedule, solid and effective solutions. I especially appreciate his critical - constructive vision, his commitment to successful implementations and his personal commitment - I can rely on Bert Evers.

Peter Meyer, former CEO & Managing Director GfK AG, Switzerland